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21st century is the time for wood: UNECE

UNECE, 21 century, wood construction

Construction of a building using cross-laminated timber. Wood as the material of the future was a common consensus at the 74th session of the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 18 - 20 October 2016. The 21st century will be seen as the century of wood, said Peter Wilson, managing director of Timber …

Editor’s pick87% of the world’s certified forest area is in ECE: UN

UNECE, Europe, certified forests

Certified forests covers about 11% of global forests in 2015. The 56-member country Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) accounts for about 40% (1.6 billion hectares) of the global forest estate and in total makes up 87% of the total global certified forest area. Of the global certified forest area, 48% is in North America, 25% in Western …