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Siempelkamp creates new growth opportunities for the wood-based materials industry in China

Siempelkamp, China, wood-based material plants, composite, panel, Asia

In Asia, and especially in China, the use of alternative raw materials offers outstanding prospects to the wood-based materials industry. After all, millions of tons of rice straw burned in the fields every year are ideal sources of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particle board. Siempelkamp, the global technology leader in the wood-based …

Editor’s pick“You must be on the leading edge of technology, maintain high quality standards with an efficient cost structure”

Samiron Mondal, Managing Director, Siempelkamp, Asia Pacific, China

Samiron Mondal, Managing Director, Siempelkamp. He is in charge of the wood-based business in Asia Pacific and production facilities in China. He also looks after the metal-forming and composite divisions within the company. PFA: You have been with Siempelkamp for 12 years. In your experience, what are some of the most significant changes in the …

Editor’s pickGreen River to build third PB line, featuring SE Asia’s longest continuous press

Green River Panels, Southeast Asia, biggest particleboard plant, longest continuous press, Siempelkamp, Hatyai

Green River Panels is set to build Southeast Asia’s biggest particleboard plant, boasting a 50.4-metre continuous press—the longest in the region. The new line, which is Green River’s third, will see the company double annual production capacity to over one million cubic metres, making it one of the largest production powerhouses …

Editor’s pick25 years in the business

Henning Gloede, Managing Director, Siempelkamp Singapore, wood panels machinery, ASEAN, Conti ROll presses, MDF, particleboard

Henning Gloede, Managing Director, Siempelkamp Singapore. All things considered, Henning Gloede had a very exciting life. He is German by birth, but only spent eight of his 53 years in Germany. He grew up in Jakarta in the 1960s when his family moved there for his father’s job. By the time he returned to Europe for further studies, his …

Editor’s pickAction Tesa produces first board on a Gen 8 ContiRoll

Action Tesa, MDF board, Gen 8 Conti Roll, Siempelkamp, panel production, forming and press line, EcoSifter, Sitarganj, HDF boards

Action Tesa’s first MDF board on a Gen 8 Conti Roll shows us what the future will be: fast-growing, perennial crops for boards. Some years ago, Action Tesa and Siempelkamp met at IndiaWood. It would be the first of many meetings between the Indian conglomerate and German technology leader in wood-based panel production. By July 2016, …

Editor’s pickVRG Dongwha: MDF Line 2 kicks off

MDF, Dongwha, panels manufacturing, Siempelkamp, Vietnam, Buettner

Dongwha’s new MDF line in Vietnam is now running smoothly, thanks to a range of high-speed, high-performance equipment and the man behind the scenes, Mr Kim Yang Il. The name Dongwha is synonymous with quality, so much so that the industry often takes reference from the Korean-owned and managed panel empire. The company’s new MDF …

Editor’s pickSiempelkamp supplies modern PB plant in Lithuania

Siempelkamp, VMG

Contract Signing Ceremony (From left): Ričardas Šalkauskas (Director of AB "Klaipedos Mediena), Esfira Zaslavskaite (VMG - Member of Supervisory Board), Ulrich Kaiser (Siempelkamp- Sales Director),  Hans- Joachim Galinski  (Siempelkamp – Sales Director Eastern Europe ), Jürgen Philipps (Siempelkamp- Spokesman of the …