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Editor’s pickAustralia's Borg orders new MDF forming and press line from Siempelkamp

Siempelkamp, Borg Manufacturing, melamine-coated boards, MDF forming line, MDF press line, ContiRoll, Siempelkamp Compactor, LIGNA 2019, Australia

Borg Manufacturing Pty Ltd, Australia's leading producer of melamine-coated boards, has ordered a new MDF forming and press line for its Oberon site. With this order, the company repeatedly relies on Siempelkamp support. Borg Manufacturing Pty Ltd. replaces an old multi-opening line with an MDF forming and press line including ContiRoll® in …

Editor’s pickMDF is the future of Furniture in India

MDF, India, furniture market, ready-made furniture, plywood, particleboard, GREENPANEL

India’s furniture market is undergoing a major shift with a move towards ready-made furniture and a rising preference for medium density fibre (MDF) over plywood in line with the global trends. Moreover, the culture of ready-made furniture is being accepted widely across India as we see in the case of IKEA. The growth rate of plywood today …

Editor’s pick25 years in the business

Henning Gloede, Managing Director, Siempelkamp Singapore, wood panels machinery, ASEAN, Conti ROll presses, MDF, particleboard

Henning Gloede, Managing Director, Siempelkamp Singapore. All things considered, Henning Gloede had a very exciting life. He is German by birth, but only spent eight of his 53 years in Germany. He grew up in Jakarta in the 1960s when his family moved there for his father’s job. By the time he returned to Europe for further studies, his …

Editor’s pickProducts preferred all over the world carry the signature of Kastamonu Entegre

Kastamonu Entegre, MDF, particleboard, laminate flooring

Kastamonu Entegre, a Turkish panel producer, has become a major manufacturer with 18 production facilities in the country and abroad since its first particleboard plant in 1971. It manufactures raw and melamine coated MDF and particleboard (which are also fire-and moisture-resistant), laminate flooring, painted panels, honeycomb decorative …

Editor’s pickAction Tesa produces first board on a Gen 8 ContiRoll

Action Tesa, MDF board, Gen 8 Conti Roll, Siempelkamp, panel production, forming and press line, EcoSifter, Sitarganj, HDF boards

Action Tesa’s first MDF board on a Gen 8 Conti Roll shows us what the future will be: fast-growing, perennial crops for boards. Some years ago, Action Tesa and Siempelkamp met at IndiaWood. It would be the first of many meetings between the Indian conglomerate and German technology leader in wood-based panel production. By July 2016, …

Editor’s pickIMAL presents its latest technology for MDF production

IMAL, Dynasteam, Dynasteam press, IMAL FiberCam, MDF plant, fibre resination system, nanotechnology

  The Hi-Jet system designed by IMAL is a fibre resination system which injects resin into the blow line at 100 bar and over, and which has been in operation worldwide for several years now. This new technology has also been referred to as “nanotechnology” as the concept is principally based on the micronisation of glue lumps …

Editor’s pickLong Viet: Quiet but Powerful

Vietnam, Asia, Timber, Wood, Wood Industry, Industry, Material, Business, MDF, Binh Duong, Bui Nhu Viet, BIFA Wood Vietnam, Powerful, Long Viet, Export

Mr Bui Nhu Viet, General Director of Long Viet With a focus on veneer, melamine, MDF, particle boards and components, Long Viet has chosen to specialise in the basic materials of the furniture industry. And though they do not export their products to other countries, according to Mr Bui Nhu Viet, general director of Long Viet, many other …

Editor’s pickEVOL: Sanding Evolution

Evol, IMEA, sanding machines, wood panels, MDF, particleboard, plywood, thin boards

At LIGNA 2017 IMEAS launched EvoL, a new line of calibrating and sanding machines for woodbased panels. The new EvoL model is the ninth generation of sanding machines. As the name suggests, it is the evolution of the company’s 50-year-long experience and know-how in sanding for MDF, particleboard, plywood and other wood-based panels. The …

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