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SCA to acquire 13,000 hectares of forest land in Latvia

Latvia, SCA, acquisition, forest

SCA has signed an agreement to acquire forest land in Latvia from Isnaudas Forest Holding AB. The acquisition comprises an area of 19,150 hectares, of which 13,100 is forest land, at a purchase price of 44.5 million Euros (approximately SEK 450 million). The standing timber volume amounts to 1.8 million cubic metres. Some areas of the acquired …

Latvia’s IKTK invest 2 mil euro in glulam plant

Latvia, IKTK, glulam, new production plant

The Latvian timber building structures producer IKTK has invested about two million euro in large-sized glued laminated timber structures production plant, reported LETA. The company has built a new production plant and acquired high precision timber processing equipment which includes CNC type machines for complicated precision processing of …

Editor’s pickWhy are saunas made of wood?

wood, softwood, sauna, Finnish, Viba's sauna, Latvia

The word “sauna” means “room of wood” in Finnish. The use of wood is both a tradition and practical consideration in constructing a sauna. Firstly, they are good heat insulators; if you touch a wooden surface, the heat doesn’t sting as severely as a stone wall, for example. Wood also has antiseptic and antibacterial …

Latvia receives PEFC re-endorsement

Latvia, PEFC

Latvia has successfully achieved the re-endorsement of its national forest certification system. This endorsement confirms that the Latvian system meets PEFC's sustainability benchmarks and ensures that certified forest owners and companies in the country continue to benefit from certification. Since Latvia was first endorsed by PEFC in 2001, …

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