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Metsä Wood UK produced over 43,000 linear metres of Finnjoist I-beams for NHS hospital in Wales

Metsä Wood UK, Finnjoist I-beams, NHS hospital, Wales, Kerto LVL, engineered timber

In an effort to support the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Metsä Wood UK has produced over 43,000 linear metres of Finnjoist I-beams to be used as part of the structure for a new NHS Nightingale hospital in Swansea Bay, Wales. The Swansea Bay Nightingale Hospital is a new NHS field hospital which is being built …

West Fraser to further reduce lumber production

West Fraser, reduce, lumber production, lumber, LVL, MDF, plywood, pulp, newsprint, wood chips, other residuals, United States, Canada

In response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, West Fraser is providing an update on production adjustments implemented to address changing operating, supply chain and market conditions. Effective April 6, West Fraser will further reduce its SPF production by 30 to 40 million board feet of production per week which represents between 45% and …

Japan sees development of super-thick plywood

Japan, plywood, LVL, timber, forestry, market report

Seihoku Plywood (Tokyo) is currently working on the development of super-thick plywood that is more than 50mm thick. The company is also applying to obtain a JAS certificate, which will allow Seihoku to participate in the new engineered wood market. The manufacturing of thicker plywood is the same as for standard panels, but there is a limit to …

Roseburg Forest opens $200 million high-tech engineered wood plant in South Carolina

Roseburg Forest, engineered wood, plant, LVL structural beams, South Carolina

The newly opened plant features the highest-capacity LVL press in the world - is the most technologically-advanced manufacturing facility of its kind. The plant will primarily manufacture LVL structural beams for residential and commercial construction, reported Woodworking Network. Roseburg is a manufacturer of particleboard, plywood, laminated …

Editor’s pickFreres Lumber brings to market a new type of Mass Timber Panel – Mass Plywood Panels

Freres Lumber, engineered wood, mass plywood panels, laminated veneer lumber, LVL, Structural Composite Lumber, MPP, SCL, CLT

Established in 1922, Freres Lumber may be one of the oldest family-owned and operated businesses in Oregon, United States, but it is also known for adopting cutting-edge technologies that transform and modernise construction practices. As a premier wood products manufacturing company known for its innovative, high-quality and sustainable wood …

Editor’s pickMass timber: Thinking big about sustainable construction

MIT, mass timber building, LVL, longhouse, Mass timber architecture in America

MIT class designs a prototype building to demonstrate that even huge buildings can be built primarily with wood. The construction and operation of all kinds of buildings uses vast amounts of energy and natural resources. Researchers around the world have therefore been seeking ways to make buildings more efficient and less dependent on …

Editor’s pickHurlington Racquet Centre, a show of green architecture

Hurlington, Metsa Wood, Kerto LVL

The Hurlingham racquet centre is 35 metres wide and 55 metres long. The main span consists of suspended steel beams. To give the courts space and reduce the cost, they are spaced with large gaps. The Hurlingham Club is a green oasis of tradition, renowned throughout the world as one of the largest private clubs. It has a sunken, low-profile shape …

Raute to supply one of the largest LVL lines in the world

LVL, Raute

Raute will supply one of the largest laminated veneer lumber (LVL) lay-up line in the world for Roseburg Forest Products. The project, worth over EUR11 Mn will be delivered to Chester, South Carolina in late 2018. It will produce 285,000 cubic metres per year. All equipment will be engineered and produced in Raute's North American unit in Delta, …

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