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Wood demand and supply projection for Japan in 2017

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Japan’s Forestry Agency’s second meeting estimates the following trends for wood demand and supply in 2017. Forecast for domestic log supply is difficult because of the damage caused by severe heavy rain. Demand projection for the second half of the year is likely to decline slightly. The demand for domestic lumber in the second …

Japan optimistic about growth as consumption picks up

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Exports and industrial output will continue to drive the Japanese economy, according to an October report from the Cabinet Office. Consumption is picking up while capital expenditure is on the rise. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has pushed forward its target for two per cent inflation to 2020 but this may be too optimistic, analysts say. The Japanese …

Japan’s wooden furniture imports volatile: ITTO

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Japan’s wooden bedroom furniture imports have yo-yoed for the past four months after a period of steady increase that began in November last year. After three consecutive months of increase, the value of imports in February plummeted only to rise again in March. The same was observed in March and April. Wooden office furniture imports in …

Japan performs well in 2016 but uncertainty looms

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Increased business investment in the final quarter of 2016 lifted Japan’s economic growth higher than initially reported. Third quarter growth came at annualised 1.2 percent however. The revised figure is still below the forecast prepared in mid- 2016 which anticipated growth at 1.6 per cent. The lackluster growth underlines the challenges …

Knock off at 3pm? Sure, why not?

Japan, premium Friday

Japanese workers have been told to leave work at 3pm on Friday to enjoy the weekend and take advantage of special discounts offered for late Friday flights and train journeys. Launched on February 24, 'Premium Friday' is a bid to fight deflationary pressures through encouraging consumer spending. Employees are allowed to leave the office early …

Japan's furniture imports down 3% in 2016

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Japan’s 2016 wooden furniture imports fell around three percent in value compared to 2015. Overall, wooden office furniture imports were down six percent year-on-year, wooden kitchen furniture imports dropped around four percent year-on-year and bedroom furniture imports also fell but by a smaller margin (-2.3 percent). While there is no …

Weaker yen boosts Japan's wood products exports

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Japan: A weaker yen drove exports and business sentiment higher in the final quarter of 2016 which resulted in an annualised one percent growth of the overall economy. However, with consumption remaining subdued, prospects for early 2017 are subject to external influences more than a stronger internal demand which the government seeks. In March …

Exchange rate fluctuations drive down Japanese demand for important plywood

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Japan’s tight supply of domestic and imported plywood continued after the New Year holidays. Active orders from precutting plants continued while future orders on imported plywood are at an absolute minimum volume due to possible exchange rate fluctuations, depending on policy the new president Trump takes. The current market is affected by …