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Editor’s pickIn September, INDEX will offer a different interiors experience to designers and manufacturers alike

September, INDEX, interiors, designers, manufacturers

INDEX, the largest interiors exhibition in the Middle East, is gearing up for its second design showcase of the year, and will offer a fully rounded creative experience by running alongside its new sister show INDEX – the Middle East’s largest interiors exhibition – is gearing up for its second design event of the year, and will …

Editor’s pickGCC interior design value tops $18 Bn

INDEX, Gulf, Middle East, interior design

Photo by Harprit Bola on Unsplash The Gulf’s interior design market has surged in value, and is now worth almost US$18 Bn, making it one of the Gulf’s fastest-growing industries. The industry has grown in value by more than US$2.2 Bn in the last 12 months to US$17.7bn this year despite oil price fluctuations, a …

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