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Sumitomo Forestry plans world's tallest timber tower

Sumitomo, Forestry, timber building

Japanese timber company Sumitomo Forestry has announced plans to build a 350-metre timber building that will rise head and shoulders above all the world’s wooden structures. The W350 Plan development commemorates the company’s 350th anniversary. When completed in 2041, it will also stand as Japan’s tallest building and the …

China’s timber industry will transform in the next five years

ITTO, China, forestry, timber

According to government’s 13th Five Year Plan for Forest Industry Development, the total value of China’s timber industry output will reach 8.7 trillion yen. The plan projects a transformation of China’s timber industry from resource orientation to innovation and that management will shift from “extensive” to …

Editor’s pickBringing the forest back into the city

urban forestry, peri urban forestry

Urban and peri-urban forestry is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for years. Simone Borelli from the Food and Agriculture Organization shares its numerous benefits.  Cities and metropolises may cover two per cent of the planet’s surface, but that is nothing when compared to the forest blanket sprawling over 30 per cent …

Finnish roundwood consumption up 4% in 2016

Luke, forest chips, forestry, Finnish, sawmills

Finland consumed 67.4 million cubic metres of roundwood in 2016, up four per cent compared to a year earlier and seven per cent above the average over the previous five-year period. Consumption of forestry by-products such as sawmill chips and dust amounted to 9.3 million cubic metres, according to the Natural Resources Institute Finland …

Global forestry products performance in 4Q/16

global forestry products, performance

Saw log prices fell throughout the world in 4Q/16 compared to the same quarter the previous year, with a few exceptions, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) fell 1.2 percent to US$69.82/m3 in 4Q/16. The current GSPI is up 1.4 percent from a year ago but over 13 percent lower than in the same quarter two …

Improving drying technology for forest chips: LUKE

Luke, forest chips, forestry, Finnish

Finnish researchers are currently studying a more efficient means of drying wood chips, one that is said to be efficient, mobile and suitable for drying various materials. The artificial dryer, in the form of a shipping container, is developed by Finnish company SFTec Oy and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). The project highlights …

UK's softwood timber industry could benefit from a wider range of commercially-grown species

UK, Forestry Commission, softwood industry, Great Britain

British-grown noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock could all produce acceptable returns of structural timber, mitigating the risk of depending on a limited range of species, according to a research note,  ‘Timber properties of noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock grown in Great …