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Koskisen achieved EPD for its plywood and chipboard

Koskisen’s plywood and chipboard haveKoskisen, chipboard, plywood, Environmental Product Declaration, environmental life cycle, EPD, emissions, environmental impacts, use of resources, land use

Koskisen’s plywood and chipboard have received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a certified document that communicates information about a product’s environmental life cycle impacts. An EPD provides information on, for example, the emissions resulting from the manufacture of the product, the product’s environmental …


Roseburg, EPDs, Environmental product declarations, wood products, environmental impact,

Roseburg Forest Products from the U.S. recently published its first verified Environmental Product Declarations, providing standardised and objective information about the lifecycle environmental impact of many of the company's wood products. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide consumers with transparent, product-specific …

World’s tallest timber tower reached structural completion using sustainable PEFC wood

Lendlease tallest, largest engineered timber office building, Brisbane, PEFC-certified, EPD

INTERNTIONAL property and infrastructure group Lendlease has completed the structure of the world’s tallest and largest engineered timber office building. It is located on the $2.9 billion renewal development site at Brisbane showgrounds in Bowen Hills. The nine-storey building is made up of 3097 individual timber elements, including 33 …

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