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Editor’s pickPrefabricated wooden construction makes new leap in Chile

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The Chilean company E2E is a joint venture between Arauco and the Belgian company Etex. Its factory, which has been operating since February 2019 in Santiago - Chile, has the capacity to build 1,000 living units per year – between prefabricated houses and timber buildings. The US$25 million sales projection in the coming three years counts …

Global and European sawlog prices have fallen over the past two years

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The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) fell for the fifth consecutive quarter in the 2Q/19, reaching a two-year low. Log prices were down on all continents, with the biggest declines occurring in Europe, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. Plentiful supply from storm-damaged and beetle-infested forests in Central Europe changed the log …

Chile embraces sustainability in construction

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Sustainability in Chile’s construction sector got a boost as the Chile Green Building Council signed a collaboration agreement with CertforChile, a PEFC-endorsed national member. On earlier in March, the Chile Green Building Council (GBC Chile) signed three collaboration agreements that seek to promote sustainability in the construction …

Chilean forestry products exports to fall in 2016

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Chile’s forestry exports are expected to fall 3 percent to $5.3 billion in 2016 due to increased supply and sluggish sales from key export markets, according to the Chilean Wood Corporation (Corma). Exports in 2017 will either remain steady or rise marginally between $5.3 - $5.4 billion. "The 3 percent fall in the total amount is due …