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Editor’s pickFreres Lumber brings to market a new type of Mass Timber Panel – Mass Plywood Panels

Freres Lumber, engineered wood, mass plywood panels, laminated veneer lumber, LVL, Structural Composite Lumber, MPP, SCL, CLT

Established in 1922, Freres Lumber may be one of the oldest family-owned and operated businesses in Oregon, United States, but it is also known for adopting cutting-edge technologies that transform and modernise construction practices. As a premier wood products manufacturing company known for its innovative, high-quality and sustainable wood …

Segezha Group and Etalon Group initiated the testing of CLT panels in Russia

Segezha Group, Etalon Group, Russia, building code, amendment, CLT, buildings

Segezha Group and Etalon Group (part of Sistema JSFC) have initiated the process of introducing amendments to current Russian regulations to build administrative and apartment buildings out of timber, as well as to launch field tests of these structures. During the discussion of scientific research and experimental development works (R&EDW) …

Editor’s pickKaterra CLT passes testing for first project use, first panels to ship soon

Katerra, CLT, factory, master panel, largest CLT panels, Catalyst Building, Spokane, Washington, United States

Katerra’s goal is to develop world-class advanced building materials and systems, while making them both more widely available and higher quality than ever before. As an integrated, end-to-end building services provider, Katerra is one of the few companies working with CLT comprehensively, spanning R&D, design, sourcing, codes and …

Russia starts on its first CLT plant

Russia, CLT, timber, construction

On 25 June, Oleg Kuvshinnikov, Governor of the Vologda Region, and Mikhail Shamolin, President and Board Chairman of Segezha Group, launched the construction of the first CLT manufacturing plant to be built in Russia. The Governor and the Head of the company took part in a symbolic ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the future plant. …

First-of-its kind timber product to be used in MSU building

CLT, timber

Michigan State University’s future STEM Teaching and Learning Facility will be the first in Michigan to use an innovative wood product, rather than concrete and/or steel, for its load-bearing structure. Known as mass timber, this framing style uses large solid or engineered wood. The $100 million (SGD 135.5 million) facility will be …

Editor’s pickMcDonald’s reimagined flagship restaurant in Chicago features plenty of wood

McDonald's, flagship restaurant, Chicago, CLT, Wood, Veneer, Laminated wood, green architecture

McDonald’s unveiled its reimagined flagship restaurant in Chicago on 9 Aug, showcasing a modern and environmentally-friendly design. Cross-laminated wood dominates the interior landscape of the reimagined flagship Mcdonald's restaurant (Photo credit: McDonald's) “Chicago is truly a special place for McDonald’s. Not only is it …

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