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Housing thriving in the UK before Brexit

housing, UK, growth, NHBC

In the latest house-building statistics by the National House Building Council (NHBC) in the UK, there was still continued confidence in the run-up to the UK's EU referendum. Private sector new home registrations were up 6% in Q2 to 31,753 compared to a year ago, but the public sector showed a 13% reverse with 9,468 new registrations. The …

China and the EU combat illegal logging together

illegal logging, China, European Union, EU-China Bilateral Coordination Mechanism, BCM, Forest Law Enforcement and Governance

Established in 2009, the EU-China Bilateral Coordination Mechanism (BCM) on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance is a forum for policy dialogue as well as a structure to share information on policies and legal frameworks, and to coordinate initiatives to stop illegal logging and associated trade. Under the BCM, China and the EU examine ways to …