SVEZA first Russian company to offer special-purpose plywood for engineered flooring

Sveza,parquet flooring

SVEZA now offers parquet plywood, in what the company claims is the first among Russian plywood manufacturers to offer this special-purpose product.

“We analysed the needs of engineered flooring producers and came to the conclusion that we could combine them in a separate, special-purpose product,” Natalya Bugayskaya, Furniture/Interior segment manager, said.

SVEZA has been supplying plywood to parquet manufacturers for many years.

The new product is available in two versions: SVEZA Parquet Standard and SVEZA Parquet Premium.

SVEZA Parquet Standard plywood is made of birch and satisfies the key requirements of parquet manufacturers. The new product is produced using WBP glue, and complies with the stringent requirements for thickness (±0.2 mm tolerance) and moisture content (5–9%).

SVEZA Parquet Premium plywood is intended for luxury engineered flooring producers who require the ultimate quality of the parquet base. The product has superior bonding strength (internal bonding strength test results > 1.75 MPa). This is achieved by using selected veneers with minimum defects for the inner layers of the plywood.

Sveza parquet for the floor

 “Luxury parquet is used in major image-building projects where any defect can lead to significant financial and reputation losses. To guarantee our customers a high quality product, SVEZA performs regular tests developed in cooperation with parquet manufacturers,” Bugayskaya said.

This approach is especially valued by foreign customers. “For 15 years, the SVEZA Group has demonstrated a high quality of plywood and service,” − comments Francesco Marinacci representing the Margaritelly company (Italy), a premium parquet manufacturer. The use of SVEZA Parquet plywood ensures both best performance of the finished product and lower manufacturing costs. Today, SVEZA branded products are used by such parquet manufacturers as Heppner (USA), Parkett Herter (Germany), Mopar (Croatia), Mardegan Legno (Hungary), and FB Hout (Netherlands).

SVEZA Parquet plywood is the sixth new product in the company’s product portfolio. Earlier, the company introduced products as SVEZA Deck 350 , SVEZA Gas , SVEZA Color , SVEZA Paint and SVEZA Titan.