Segezha starts on project to develop seed plantation centres for growing containerised tree seedlings

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Segezha Forest Industry Group (part of Sistema JSFC) has started work on the project to develop seed plantation centres that will grow containerised tree seedlings (CTSs).

The seedlings are grown in special containers filled with soil; 100 per cent of these seedlings adapt well after planting and is easy to transport; their roots are never damaged, so they adapt quickly and start growing.

Segezha Group acquired the rights to use and develop the first seed plantation and breeding centre in an auction announced by the Forestry Department of Kostroma Region in November 2019.

The seed plantation complex in Sharya (Kostroma Region, Russia) was initially unfinished, as the project was suspended in 2012. Now it has been officially transferred to JSC Kipelovo LCS (asset of Segezha Group in Vologda Region). The Department can only transfer the tree nursery into use if at least RUB 50 million ($694,444) is invested in launching the ready facility into operation, developing it further and growing planting material. Segezha Group has assessed the cost of reconstruction and completion of construction, as well as investments made to develop the facility at more than RUB 70 million ($972,222).

The company needs at least 1.5 million containerised tree seedlings of certain types of trees to be grown in Kostroma Region every year, given that the wood harvesting activities are on the rise due to the need to secure shipments of raw materials for the new plywood mill of the company (being built in Galich PSEDA). The planting materials are also needed in other regions of the company’s operation - in Vologda and Kirov Regions.

According to the road map, after the pilot forest nursery in Sharya is launched, by 2023 it is expected to produce the first 4 million seedlings. According to Konstantin Kirillov, Director for Wood Harvesting, Wood Resource Division of Segezha Group, the first seed plantation and breeding centres to grow 2 million seedlings of common pine, and 2 million seedlings of European spruce every year. In the future, the plans are to increase the number of seedlings grown at the nursery to 6–8 million. These seedlings will be used in the reforestation programme (to balance the logging areas and restored forest areas), as well as to be sold within the region due to the deficit of planting material.

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