SCM Digital Days explores how work can be simplified through digital solutions

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SCM Digital Days was held January 25 to 27 in Rimini


SCM held its Digital Days event at its Rimini headquarters from 25 to 27 January, opening its doors to over 2,500 professionals from the global woodworking industry.

The event focused on new production technologies based on digital developments and Industry 4.0 concepts.

The Scm Technology Center and Digital Hub were two of the most popular stations offering live demonstrations of the latest developments in digital, smart, connected and integrated production.

Hundreds experienced the immersive augmented reality through SCM-designed smart glasses. It allowed company service technicians to offer remote and interactive assistance to customers. Other demonstrations include SCM software applications and a preview of an IoT.

"Digital Days was an opportunity to experience live and first-hand the true benefits offered by the Maestro Digital Systems," said Luigi De Vito, Scm Wood Division and Group Sales & Marketing Director. "It is an ambitious project. A sign of the times, certainly, but also of a corporate commitment and spirit, that is of SCM, which has always been at the service of each woodworking operator and followed the real needs of the target market.”

De Vito also acknowledged that with change is underway, SCM is pacing itself to employ the latest technological trends and anticipate future ones to “drive the current evolution of our industry and turn them into common assets."

Even as large and small workshops alike seek to meet the individual requirements of each task without sacrificing the advantages of industrial production, SCM is developing digital instruments to make production even more customisable.

The Maestro Digital Systems is an example of this intent. It embraces all the latest woodworking tools and digital developments.