REMBE Explosion Safety Days to focus on woodhandling industry


According to various statistics, the most explosions occur in the wood processing industry, and that is reason enough to take a very close look at this topic during the REMBE Safety Days 2018 – Woodhandling Industries.

A broad range of perspectives are required to obtain a holistic picture regarding Explosion Safety in the wood processing industry, and the speakers at REMBE Safety Days 2018 will include operators, research institutes, plant engineers, insurers and consulting companies.

One of the highlights at the event will be the live explosion tests on the premises of the REMBE Research + Technology Centre.

The event will be held in English due to the international audience. In addition to theoretical explanations and practical experience reports, a key importance will also be placed on providing sufficient time for the personal exchange of information.

“We have been at home in the wood processing industry for many years, and have repeatedly noticed that a platform of this kind is missing – that's why we created this event,” explained Dr Johannes Lottermann, Explosion Safety Director at REMBE GmbH Safety + Control.