Editor’s pickPractice makes perfect pavilions


There are few professions in this world as meaningful as moulding the future of our next generation. In institutes of higher learning, it is critical to impart values that would see young minds becoming stewards of positive social and environmental impact.

At the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, students undergo experiential learning through immersion teaching. One module, "Practicing", is a teaching experiment on space construction by CAFAarchStudio10.

The subject requires each student to create a small pavilion. From conceptualisation to construction, the process allows students to experience scale, material and use.

The resulting projects are made of wood and all of them demonstrate how versatile and malleable the material can be.

"Woven Mountain" weaves rope and wood into a mountain. In face of contemporary industrialised standard section, it forms corrugated organic form of space through the traditional weaving method, replacing the latitude and longitude in traditional Chinese weave;


"Cloud Forest" is an abstract translation of rural seclusion, which acts as a non-everyday experience of space fragment in the city, intended to encourage people to slow down in the fast-paced city life;


"Folding House" is a nine-square metre box which can be split into 10 single units and re-assembled into a community centre;


"Cumulative Bookstore" attempts to form the final building volume by the repeat accumulation of several simple wood components, providing the community with reading and communication place;


"Sit Together" is also formed by the splicing of units, bringing people and plants together;


"Obstacle" focuses on the relationship between the body and the space. This transcendent and extremely narrow cabin can potentially lead people to flee from the collective unconscious state temporarily;


"Stream House" is focused on the dual role of landscape architecture, which acts as a part of the landscape, as well as a viewing spot.

The project is sponsored by Beijing Nansen Wood Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.