Editor’s pickMicrosoft’s upgraded Silicon Valley campus will be North American’s largest timber project

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At over 644,000 square feet, CLT’s potential as a building material for expansive horizontal structures will be demonstrated at the Microsoft Silicon Valley, as part of a larger renovation of the Moutain View campus. WRNS Studio from San Francisco will be designing North America’s largest CLT building in floor area.

The building site at Microsoft Silicon Valley's Mountain View Campus (Image credit: Microsoft)

As CLT projects in Northern California are currently still few and far between, the mixed-use building’s construction required thorough coordination between the project team and the local building authority to determine the optimal methods for engineering with the product. Extensive research was done to ensure that the exposed CLT would achieve fire ratings suitable for a building of its size in blaze-prone California. Lightweight CLT floor plates were developed by local engineering firm Holmes Structures to conceal the building’s immense power and data infrastructure beneath a thin top layer of cement. These CLT-concrete composite slabs require few load-bearing beams and columns, allowing copious amounts of sunlight to illuminate the building’s spacious interiors.

To reduce construction waste, WRNS renovated two existing buildings on-site while reusing the materials of the remaining buildings in the construction of the two-storey CLT structure’s foundation. 

Over 345,000 square feet, or 2,400 tons of CLT panels are used throughout the campus, representing more than half of the project’s total structural components. 

The project will be completed by the fall of 2020.

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