Editor’s pickLocated along Nanjing’s Riverfront, this small chapel in Wanjing Garden is a study in contrasts


Constructed out of wood and steel, this little chapel found in Wanjing Garden along Nanjing’s Riverfront hosts a number of religious activities, such as wedding ceremonies. Though built with plain material, its design is delicate and elegant.

Though its exterior is gentle and aesthetically-pleasing, its interior is strong, painted white, and with a soaring ceiling that amplifies the space.

The wooden corridor, consisting of delicate furring strips, that surrounds the central space is unique to the structure, creating an intriguing architectural area and also serves as a filter to the outside, emphasising the spatial experience.



Architects: AZL Architects
Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Year of completion: 2014
Photo credits: Yao Li
Source: ArchDaily