LEUCO honoured with two innovation awards


The awards were received in Berlin by (from left to right) Daniel Schrenk (LEUCO managing director for Sales and Marketing), Dr Martin Dressler (head of Research/Business Field Development and main developer of the LEUCO p-System), Dr Dominique Fendeleur (head of Research & Development for saw blades and main developer of the LEUCO nn-System), and Frank Diez (CEO of LEUCO and chairman of the Management Board).

On June 2018, as part of the festive gala held in the Technology Museum in Berlin, Germany, the winners of the German Innovation Award were honoured, for the first time, in front of more than 250 invited guests from business, politics and the media.

On this evening, LEUCO received two awards in the “Excellence in Business to Business (B2B)” category in the “Machines & Engineering” field, one for its innovative “LEUCO p-System” wood processing cutter and the other for the diamond-tipped saw blade “LEUCO nn-System.”

Since it’s founding more than 60 years ago, LEUCO has provided innovative tools for the wood and plastics processing industry. And with over 230 industrial property rights, LEUCO has repeatedly set standards in its industry since 1954.

“Coming home with not one but two awards given out by a top-class, industry-neutral jury at the German Innovation Awards Ceremony confirms our power of innovation,” explained LEUCO CEO, Frank Diez. “With approximately 1,200 employees worldwide, LEUCO is a traditional, medium-sized global company that places great value on successful research and development.”

For LEUCO p-System tools, the diamond-tipped blades are arranged at an axis angle of normally 70°, the wedge angle is greatly reduced. A technologically ingenious system that has made a name for itself in the industry and has made LEUCO a trend-setting company, is the reason the jury gave for its decision.

LEUCO nn-System is a diamond-tipped circular saw blade with small gullets. The technology, for which a patent has been filed for, considerably reduces noise in idle mode and during use. And with high demand for saw blades, this innovation is very important to the industry.

The innovative tools were developed and are being produced at the LEUCO Horb am Neckar, Baden-Württemburg, Germany, and Beinheim, Alsace, France. In modern production facilities, an innovative machine fleet and highly skilled workers ensure high production quality. With both tool innovations, LEUCO has reached enthusiastic customers worldwide in the wood processing and manufacturing industry.


German Innovation Award

With the German Innovation Award, the German Design Council has closed a gap in the award landscape. Wanted are innovative products with economic success. 650 companies submitted applications for the award, among them industry giants along with hidden champions and start-ups. They all have one thing in common: A solution, a detailed innovative product or a service that creates true added value.


How it was judged

The assessment criteria of the German Innovation Award cover factors such as level of innovation, user benefit and cost-effectiveness. The innovation strategy should take into account factors such as social, ecological, economic sustainability and the use of energy and resources. Other factors, such as location and employment potential, longevity, market maturity, technical quality and function, materiality and synergy effects all play a decisive role in the assessment process. A top-class jury selected the winners.


German Design Council – the award-giver

The German Innovation Award was initiated and organised by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 by the German Bundestag and endowed by the Federation of German Industries. For more than 65 years, the foundation has pursued the goal of promoting competitiveness among German companies.