Japan’s wood products demand from North America and Europe sees some fluctuation in 1H/2018


Japan’s Forestry Agency is expecting lumber and structural laminated lumber from North America and Europe to fall.

The demand for North American lumber will continue in 2018 with prices going up. North American log demand remains firm; shipments in the second quarter will be up by seven per cent but this would also depend on the weather on the Pacific coast.

Domestic log supply for lumber production will fall; logs for plywood will climb 8.5 per cent, mainly due to a new plywood mill starting up in April 2018. Demand for domestic plywood will continue for the first half of 2018. The demand for domestic lumber is uncertain.

The demand for European lumber will fall in the first quarter of 2018. Purchase will remain weak for the second quarter since the market will not pass on higher import costs. Arrivals of structural laminated lumber for the first half of 2018 will decline by 11.5 per cent while domestic production of structural laminated lumber will remain the same as 2017.

Source: ITTO