Eumabois participates in Xylexpo 2020 press conference

Luigi De Vito,Vice-President,Eumabois,participation,Xylexpo,press conference

The international press conference introducing the upcoming edition of Xylexpo, the biennial world exhibition on woodworking technology and furniture supplies scheduled in Milan at Fiera Milano-Rho fairgrounds from May 26 to29, 2020, was held in Milan on February 18.

Luigi De Vito, Vice-President of Eumabois, speaking at the Xylexpo press conference at Milan (Image credit: Eumabois)

The press conference took place at Enzo Jannacci Auditorium on the 31st floor of Pirelli Tower and was dedicated to the following topic: “The art of the encounter: trade fairs in the digital world.” The speakers’ list included Paolo Borgio from Fiera Milano, Massimo Goldoni, president of the committee gathering all trade fairs organized by associations affiliated with Confindustria (National association of Italian Industrialists), and Luigi De Vito, Vice-President of Eumabois. The three speeches presented several interesting points of view on the role that a trade fair is supposed to play and can play in an increasingly digital economic context. In its capacity as European representative and voice, Eumabois confirmed the strengths of the upcoming Italian event whereby industry experts will share the opportunity to experience the authentic art of getting supply and demand to meet.

Xylexpo is amongst the top 16 exhibitions supported by Eumabois for the year 2020, an excellent showcase to get a close look at the best woodworking technology solutions.

De Vito underlined the importance of participating in exhibitions which currently represent a crucial platform for personal individual interaction, in addition to acting as a strategic platform for promotion, negotiation and demonstration of products. In an ever increasingly connected world, exhibitions present the opportunity to consolidate digitally established relations and create new ones. De Vito also pointed out how the ever growing digitalization, is in fact a relevant and complementary process to the fair trade in terms of marketing and communication.

Lastly, the floor was given to Dario Corbetta, director of Acimall, who confirmed the importance of Xylexpo as primary international exhibition. The Milanese trade fair will include 330 registered companies (as of 30 January 2020), 30% of which are international companies, which will cover a net surface area of 29,000 square metres. The area will be divided into three exhibition halls in line with the decision to provide all exhibitors with a similar flow of visitors.



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