Chinese government decides on the next move for its furniture industry after businesses resume

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The State Council Information Office has reported the situation in the manufacturing sector as follows, as reported by ITTO:

Decline in both international and domestic demand

Since the epidemic situation in our country has been effectively controlled in the early stage, the resumption of production in our industrial field is still relatively good, but from the current situation, international and domestic demand is declining, which has caused a huge impact on some export-oriented furniture enterprises. If this problem is not solved in time and effectively, these furniture enterprises may face the pressure of survival. At present, the measures taken are mainly to ensure supply stability.

Establishment of online furniture fairs and exhibition

Many orders are usually made at important furniture fairs and exhibition in March or April in the past. However, some important furniture fairs and exhibitions have been cancelled due to prevention and control. Chinese government hopes to solve this problem through online furniture fairs and exhibitions. In this regard, it is actively doing further exploration.

Formulation of supporting policies

Supporting policies can make furniture enterprises stable. Now relevant departments are studying how to stabilise these furniture enterprises by on the one hand, through stimulating demand and on the other hand by strengthening policy support, policy support, financial support, helping furniture enterprises and making stable employees for furniture enterprises can help to go through immediate difficulties. The follow-up work will further strengthen policy research and ensure furniture enterprises to go through difficult situation.


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