Architectural Association launches experimental Wood Lab

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As the architectectural world finds growing interest in timber construction, firms see a wave of innovations in testing and better understanding timber’s limits and possibilities in being used to build taller and better structures.

The Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London is building on the momentum with the launch of its AA Wood Lab. Launched on 19 November last year, the Wood Lab will function as part of Hooke Park, the AA’s woodland campus in Dorset, UK, to educate architects in the sustainable use of forest produce to both build projects and drive new forms of research.

Together with thinkers, practitioners and scientists and guided by a problem-solving approach, the Lab will develop a research programme beyond conventional architectural thinking. Building strategies will be developed by combining the latest science, design and fabrication technologies with traditional knowledge of wood.  

The Wood Lab recently opened applications for research fellows and team members. According to Archpaper, founding members will build the foundation for long-term research. The first step forward will be to embark on a retrospective analysis of projects in Hooke Park by both Parnham College and the AA, ending with the launch of a print publication as the foundation for the Wood Lab’s work to come.

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