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SCM will take part in the upcoming edition of Holz-Handwerk (Nuremberg, 18-21 March 2020) where it will present integrated process technologies. These solutions meet the widest range of production demands for secondary wood processing.

As an indication of the importance of the Nuremberg event, SCM will present itself with a new design and conceptaimed at highlighting the continuous brand strengthening in this sector.

The exhibiting area in Hall 10.0, stand 303 will have a completely new look and feel; sturdy, solid, industrial and more in line with the Group's solidity and closer to the production framework of its partner companies. An exclusive and essential guise, starting with the choice of materials  respecting Eco Standards, and in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility programme already in place since 2019 will also be presented.

At the Holz-Handwerk stand, the vast range of technologies and services will be arranged into five working areas made of cells and stand-alone machines integrated with one another, dedicated to different areas of application:

  • Solutions for higher productivity: automated sizing, edgebanding and drilling solutions for the panel;
  • Joinery machines,
  • Surface Technologies;
  • Solid Wood Processing;
  • a new concept of the SCM Smart&Human Factory for the world of furnishings, which proved such a huge success at Ligna 2019. SCM's highly flexible and modular Industry 4.0 style production model is revolutionising the interaction amongst man, machine and robot. At the Nuremberg Trade Fair it will be gauged to the needs of all the woodworking businesses, including artisans.

"This edition of the Nuremberg Trade Fair is set to become a key spotlight for SCM, ready to show off its vast range of top quality technologies, designed and developed to be of assistance to every woodworking business, from furniture, to doors and windows, to joinery" remarks Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director.


The new entries on show at Nuremberg are the result of the strategic vision of a vast, solid business Group which ended 2019 in line with its record results from 2018 and a turnover in excess of 700 million Euro, of which, 70 per cent in the timber division alone.

On the German market, in particular, 2019 once again saw the Group consolidate its excellent growth recorded over the last five years with a C.A.G.R. of 13.5%. An outstanding result if compared to the overall market trend recorded in the same five year period, down -3.8%.

Credit also goes to the strategy implemented by SCM, based on consistent, steady investments which see them increasingly providing client assistance: an ever more widespread presence of its technical assistance and further strengthening of the sales team, to offer an all-round consultancy service in advance of its sales service.

It also guarantees significant, regular investments in R&D in line with the important transformations under way in production technologies and once again, in 2020, the priorities will lie with Innovation, digitalisation and client support.

At the Nuremberg Fair, an area focusing on the new SCM Integrated digital woodworking process” concept will showcase Software solutions and Digital Services specifically designed for planning, preparation and production, as well as monitoring, maintenance and servicing.

The SCM MES solutions will support customer in production scheduling and planning. The Maestro cnc and Maestro ottimo cut software will support the woodworking companies in the design, optimisation and data generation. Maestro active, the multi-touch advanced machine interface awarded the prestigious German Design Award and RedDot Award, will provide a full production control and an easy interaction with the machine. Maestro connect Digital Services Platform will allow machine status monitoring, maintenance optimisation, issue management, spare parts suggestions, smart learning as well as augmented reality service support with Smartech glasses.  



-        Smart&Human Factory. SCM's state of the art production model for the furniture industry, made of flexible, modular and easily re-configurable cells integrated by industrial, collaborative robots, in line with demands from Industry 4.0, will be at Nuremberg in a version which is accessible to all businesses.

Taking centre stage in this area will be the new morbidelli x200 machining centre for nesting, ideal for "batch 1" and designed to apply the best performances of the "All-in-one" technology of the SCM 5-axis machining centres for the panel, to this kind of machining as well. Integrating with the panel machining process will be the stefani xd edgebanding machines, suitable for industrial production and intensive use over and above the single daily shift, and a drilling cell made of a new morbidelli cx220 compact drilling machine, ideal for machining small batches, whose innovative drilling heads guarantee performance and exclusive efficiency in compact sizes.

-        Higher productivity solutions. From the gabbiani pt panel sizing machine which, thanks to the Flexcut unit, guarantees a production increase of up to 30% due to the simultaneous execution of cuts both lengthways and transversally, to the All-in-one potentiality of the morbidelli m200 machining centre for drilling and routing which can save up to 60% on drilling cycles. Rounding off with edgebanding, the stefani kd  offers no-compromise edging on any kind of panel, and is followed by the passage of the panel through the action p clamp for an effective cabinet assembly. 

-        Integrated surface treatment. At Nuremberg, SCM proves itself a unique partner in the industry offering a vast range of integrated solutions for the entire surface treatment process. The pressing, sanding and painting solutions in the "SCM Surface Technologies" area are designed for exclusive, sought-after finishing solutions capable of satisfying all the process and end product requirements. The process sees the dmc eurosystem playing a leading role in sanding. The superfici mini sprayer makes its mark at the finishing stage, a plug&spray machine suitable for those who, up until now, have opted for a manual spraying method. The new sergiani gs for pressing is making its mark; specifically designed for the German market, this electric press offers a 50% saving on consumption compared to the standard machines in this category.

-        Joinery solutions. SCM proves itself to be a solid, reliable partner in this market segment and especially in Germany where, in 2019, it recorded a 6% increase in turnover compared to 2018. If we look at the four year period from 2015-2019, sales on the German market increased by 40%.

The new class px 350i mobile carriage circular saw is holding centre stage in this area with tilting blade up to 46° to work in complete safety with minimum space and a perfect hold on the panel. Integrating the process is the me 40 top performing, high productivity edgebanding machine, and the startech cn plus fully automatic drilling router, the best of the range in the entry level category for the quality/price ratio it offers: it stands out for its high performance speed, the significant power of the electro-spindle on the drilling head and it does not require any intervention from the operator to complete the process.

-        Technologies for solid wood. Two models will be on display which perfectly integrate into the production process of doors and windows: accord 42 fx with twin machining unit with three and five axes equipped with independent heads, which best combine the need for power and profiling with the need for production creativity and flexibility; a new version of superset nt, the throughfeed moulder with unlimited usages - profiles for windows, doors, stairways, moulding and furniture - equipped with a SET UP system which reduces the set up time by up to 20 times when changing process.

As well as these products, particularly suitable for the needs of German businesses in the industry, SCM can offer a wide variety of solutions for doors and windows including stand alone machines, angular machining centres and high automation and productivity integrated cells and lines.


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