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Protecting and sustainably managing the planet's forests is crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

NAO, SDG15, forest protection, forest conservation, sustainable management of forests

Senior government officials from around the world today gathered at FAO to focus on ways to step up global efforts in the forestry sector aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change.  "Urgent action is needed to sustain and preserve the planet's forests in order to achieve our global …

Editor’s pickBIFA Wood Vietnam: In the heart of Vietnam's Furniture Manufacturing Cluster

Vietnam, BIFA Wood Vietnam, Furniture, Wood, Panels, Timber, Market, Export, Wood Industry, Woodworking, Southeast Asia, Growth

Vietnam’s woodworking industry is seeing significant growth in recent years. Just last year alone, the industry saw a revenue of US$8 billion, a 10 per cent growth from US$7.3 billion in 2016. The country’s phenomenal growth in the last decade has made it a serious contender to overtake China as the world’s manufacturing …

Editor’s pickAction Tesa produces first board on a Gen 8 ContiRoll

Action Tesa, MDF board, Gen 8 Conti Roll, Siempelkamp, panel production, forming and press line, EcoSifter, Sitarganj, HDF boards

Action Tesa’s first MDF board on a Gen 8 Conti Roll shows us what the future will be: fast-growing, perennial crops for boards. Some years ago, Action Tesa and Siempelkamp met at IndiaWood. It would be the first of many meetings between the Indian conglomerate and German technology leader in wood-based panel production. By July 2016, …

Editor’s pickB.C. forest companies look to Asia

British Columbia, lumber, value added wood products, BC Wood, two-by-four housing, Japan, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, India

Despite the housing boom in the United States in the last few years driving up demand for British Columbia (B.C.) wood products, Asia remains a crucial market as Canada seeks to diversify its global market presence. Several industry officials have recently highlighted the potential in expanding existing markets like China and Japan, as well as …

Daewha Kang Design creates Circe, a series of floating structures


London-based studio Daewha Kang Design has set a series of  floating structure as part of the art exhibition ‘Odyssee’ on Möhnesee Lake in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, organised by the Kunstverein Arnsberg museum. The piece is named ‘Circe’, after the seductive witch from Greek mythology. The structures …

Kährs Group: Strong sales growth with stable underlying operating profit

Kährs Group, flooring, Sweden, second quarter report, strong sales growth

Net sales for the Kährs Group totalled SEK 844 million (792), or US$95.4 million, an increase of 7 per cent compared with the same period in 2017. Organic sales growth was 6 per cent. Operating EBITA rose 1 per cent and totalled SEK 76 million (75), or US$8.6 million corresponding to an operating margin of 9.0 per cent (9.5). Market …

Editor’s pickIMAL presents its latest technology for MDF production

IMAL, Dynasteam, Dynasteam press, IMAL FiberCam, MDF plant, fibre resination system, nanotechnology

  The Hi-Jet system designed by IMAL is a fibre resination system which injects resin into the blow line at 100 bar and over, and which has been in operation worldwide for several years now. This new technology has also been referred to as “nanotechnology” as the concept is principally based on the micronisation of glue lumps …

Editor’s pickVietnam: A vital and growing market for U.S. hardwood lumber

Vietnam, U.S., America, Wood, Wood Industry, Judd Johnson, Market, Industry, Hardwood Lumber, Lumber

 Figure 1: Vietnam accounts for 10 per ent of all U.S. hardwood lumber last year By Judd Johnson, Hardwood Market Report The volume of hardwood lumber exported from the U.S. to Vietnam pales in comparison with the volume exported to China. Then again, so does the volume exported to every other market in the world. China accounted for 54 per …