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Two innovations involving data evaluation to be presented at HOMAG Treff

HOMAG Treff, MMR Office Lite, linking machines with SCHULER MDE to MMR Office

Reliable production figures serve as a solid basis for decision-making and contribute to making production transparent. For this purpose, standardized machine data needs to be analysed, evaluated and archived. HOMAG is going on the offensive by offering software suitable for data evaluation: MMR Office. As a matter of fact, two innovations will be …

MEI: Montreal forests are in good health. They are not overharvested

Montreal forests, myth, deforestation, How innovation Benefits Forests, Alexandre Moreau, MEI

Montreal, September 18, 2018 – Contrary to a widespread myth, forest harvesting is not synonymous with deforestation and does not threaten the sustainability of our forests, which are actually under-harvested. Thanks to innovation, the forestry industry is more and more productive and our forests are doing better, shows a publication …

Editor’s pickPhirun Proiprai Dormitory in Thailand

Rural housing, Phirun Proiprai Dormitory, Rural Development Camp, Chulalongkorn University

In the midst of the mountains of Ta Song Yang district, Tak Province, on the Burmese-Thai border, stands a branch of the Baan Nhong Bua School. For over a decade, the branch school has been providing education for ethnic children living in the area. However, as the branch school is located nearly ten kilometres away from the surrounding villages, …


Roseburg, EPDs, Environmental product declarations, wood products, environmental impact,

Roseburg Forest Products from the U.S. recently published its first verified Environmental Product Declarations, providing standardised and objective information about the lifecycle environmental impact of many of the company's wood products. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide consumers with transparent, product-specific …

Editor’s pickHOMAG Treff Schopfloch & Holzbronn

HOMAG Treff Schopfloch and Holzbronn, 25 years, events

25 years of HOMAG Treff – be a part of it! 1 Treff, 4 locations, 25 years: On the occasion of the 25th HOMAG Treff, from September 25 to 28 2018, HOMAG will showcase current highlights and trends for the woodworking industry. Specials at the Treff: 25 years HOMAG Treff – celebrating with over 25 Edition …

Editor’s pickThe Beehive House by Jima Design

Beehive House, Jima Design, Japan

The Beehive House in Japan is a home designed to stimulate the mind and the body. The interiors play around the idea of a beehive structure, while the overall design is based on the traditional Japanese Castle. The clients are castle enthusiasts and the father of the family is an amateur theatre director, hence the unusual request for a house that …

4th edition of North Africa Wood and Woodworking machinery show to be held on 30 Nov to 3 Dec 2018

North Africa Wood and Woodworking machinery show, Cairo, Egypt, November

The North Africa Wood and Woodworking machinery show is back for the fourth edition on 30 November to 3 December, 2018 in Cairo International Convention &Exhibition Center, Egypt. Over 175 companies from the entire Wood & Woodworking Machinery spectrum are expected to showcase their new products and innovations with 10,000+ …