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Editor’s pickThe Living Garden dissolves the relationship between the interior and exterior

Living Garden, Beijing, China, boundaries, nature

Designed by MAD Architects, the Living Garden, displayed at the 2018 China House Vision Exhibition, disregards the boundaries between the interior and exterior, instead giving residents the feeling that they are living outside in nature. A curved roof gently slopes downwards, covered with waterproof glass that protects the interior while also …

Unilin’s IP division files infringement action against Windmöller in Düsseldorf, Germany

Unilin’s IP division, infringement action, Windmöller, Düsseldorf, Germany

• Second patent infringement case against Windmöller GmbH resilient products • Patent relates to resilient flooring panels having a folddown locking system • End PI case in contractual dispute with Windmöller September 20, 2018, Germany -- Flooring Industries, Unilin’s IP division, filed a new court case before …

Stora Enso the first in the forest industry to utilise augmented reality and 5G technology in mill maintenance

Stora Enso, augmented reality, 5G technology, mill maintenance

Stora Enso has been developing augmented reality (AR) and 5G technology solutions together with Telia. The utilisation of augmented reality was first tested at Stora Enso’s Oulu mill where real-time information is being used in mill maintenance.  The application of augmented reality and virtual models will in the future enable the more …

Stora Enso and TRÄ Group join forces to develop innovative digital services for wooden buildings

Stora Enso, TRÄ Group, collaboration, innovative digital services, wooden buildings

24 September 2018 -- Stora Enso and TRÄ Group have signed a joint development agreement to improve the construction efficiency and increase the digitalisation in the industry value chain with services for healthy and affordable living. They have also set the target to make the design and specification of wooden buildings easier, attaining …