Editor’s pick50 years of history, celebrating the future via a new understanding between man and machine


The LIGNA trade fair is the most important stage of Biesse's Future On Tour, the programme of special events designed to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Biesse with its customers all around the world.

"Our fiftieth birthday is a starting point, and not an end point. Over the course of this year situations, results, vibes and decisions are coming together to give us the real balance of this anniversary. Rather than a rote celebration of the past, we want this to be a moment for looking ahead, a "declaration of intent" regarding the many things we hope to do in the future as a company and as a multinational group", explains Raphaël Prati, Corporate Marketing Communications Director.

The inauguration of the Ulm Campus, the new headquarters of Biesse Deutschland, represents another of the ways in which Biesse is turning its attention to tomorrow: the end result of one of the most strategic investments in the recent history of the company, this new location, which is still under development, occupies an area of 6,000 square metres. The facility has been christened as a campus due to the host of educational, training and exhibition activities it offers, and the site boasts 1,600 square metres of floor space, filled with new and innovative machines and systems, software and IoT solutions. The international coverage provided by the 13 Biesse Campuses and more than 30 showrooms reflects one of Biesse's most important goals: to be anywhere in the world, wherever the customer needs them.

In February 2019, the company opened the Biesse Group Sydney Campus , a showroom spanning 2,000 square metres dedicated to the latest innovations in the processing of wood, advanced materials, stone and glass. Following the Grand Opening of Biesse Deutschland in Ulm, Germany, which is set to take place from 24 to 26 October 2019, the Biesse Group Moscow Campus will also be inaugurated: occupying more than 2,000 square metres in total, the new Moscow Campus is composed of a showroom of more than 1,000 square metres where demos of advanced Biesse technologies will be performed. In addition, the space will host a number of other areas for customers and partners to sue for events, discussions and training, as well as a series of modern, efficient offices for the benefit of employees. In opening this new campus, Biesse Group continues to consolidate its presence on the Russian market, which has been growing exponentially in the last few years.

Biesse will be launching the company's new "Ready, it's tomorrow" corporate advertising campaign at the LIGNA trade fair, with a view to strengthening and enhancing the perfect understanding between man and machine and accompanying the customer on a quest which has language at its heart. Indeed, here, man and machine speak the same language , in order to achieve an absolute understanding between technology and talent. Through ALPHABYTE, the innovative code that is the result of this new interaction, Biesse is designing the boundaries of the future, both from a technological and a human perspective: this process gives rise to neologisms and definitions which blend concepts and visions, imagining and reaffirming the profound alliance between man and technology.

Machining centres at the service of art and creativity, no longer simply manufacturing tools, but protagonists in their own right taking centre stage. The result is a symphonic composition like nothing else in the world: not violins, percussion or wind instruments, but Biesse machines. At LIGNA, Biesse will celebrate the company's 50th anniversary with an exceptional performance scheduled to take place in the first three days of the fair, starting at 6.30pm: Il Suono Nascosto (The Hidden Sound) is a research project focused on the sound of Biesse, which highlights the relationship between man and technology, and is designed to reveal the "hidden/emotional" side of machines. The study, which is the result of a project in collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale and NeuNau, aims to enhance the internal sound of machines, which is not audible to the human ear: accordingly, it will unveil a degree of expression never seen before, translating the power of movement into sound power, and transforming noise into music.

A special edition of MAKE, the magazine that presents Biesse Group to the world, is also set to be launched at LIGNA. The new edition will feature a new headline and refined but modern graphics, and will tell the story of the past 50 years of the company, as well as the 50 years that await us. CINQUANTA, intentionally left in Italian, is the key word around which this special edition is centred, and as ever, the magazine will be available throughout the world during the trade fairs and events in which Biesse Group takes part, celebrating history and imagining the future through a fascinating combination of interviews and customer stories which share a focus on the future, in addition to reflections from the experts, engineers, architects and designers who are already shaping this future.

Biesse will be at Hall 11 at Ligna 2019.

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