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Study: More trees improve water sanitation and bring down child deaths


According to a global study published in the journal Nature Communications, more trees at water sources in poorer nations improve sanitation and as a consequence, fewer children die from diarrhoea, identified as one of the leading causes of death by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in children, and a preventable disease that claims the lives of …

Second Woodtech Damietta highlights Egypt's potential as a furniture hub


The second Woodtech Damietta 2017 welcomed more than 4,000 trade visitors keen on making new business contact. The three-day event held in Ras El Bar, Damietta also hosted international brands such as Egger, Blum, Alvic, Hettich, Kessebohmer, Grass, Italianna Ferramenta, Hafele, SCM Group, Biesse, Felder, as well as Egyptian companies like Good …

New Zealand: Booming log exports leave builders worried


Knotted timber is difficult to work with, and worries about its structural integrity are rising. Image credit: RNZ/Robin Martin As the log export industry in New Zealand continues to grow exponentially, local builders and tradespeople are having to settle for second-rate timber from younger trees, raising worries on the material’s …

Timberlands are at the edge of resurgence


When the housing market in the United States (U.S.) took a downturn a decade ago in 2007, the demand for lumber went down along with it. But even as most other asset classes slowly recovered in the wake of the economic meltdown, timber performance in the U.S. remained below the historical average despite rising levels of housing construction, …

Dutch timber research institute rolls out new certification mark to facilitate responsible buying

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New mark assures buyers that they are procuring timber from a business that sources it legally and responsibly.  Independent Netherlands timber research institute Stichting Hout Research (SHR) has unveiled a new business certification mark, guaranteeing customers that timber is sourced from sustainably-managed forest, regardless of …

Editor’s pickForest products use key to sustainable future: UN

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Forest products markets are doing well, with improvements expected to continue into next year, the UN forecasts. However, barriers to cross-border trade are an ongoing concern for the forest products industry. Consumers also contribute to reducing carbon emissions when they use long-lasting forest products as it is one of the most effective ways …

China's plywood production in 2016 rose 7 per cent


Total plywood production in 2016 rose seven per cent to 177.56 million cubic metres, valued at 367.5 billion yuan. The figure accounts for 60 per cent of total wood-based panel output. Of the total, 163.82 million cubic metres were plain plywood, 7.34 million cubic metres were laminated or wood/bamboo composite plywood and 6.4 million cubic …