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Decline in tropical imports for the U.S.


The U.S. imported 127,068 m³ of sawn temperate and tropical hardwood in May were up 60% from April. However, the value of these imports increased by just 5% to US$43.9 million, which was mainly due to imports of temperate species. May's tropical sawn hardwood imports grew 5% from April to 19,705 m³, …

China and Russia sign a diverse MOU

china, Russia, MOU

The heads of China’s State Forestry Administration and the Russian Federation Forest Services have signed a memorandum of understanding whereby the two sides will undertake technological exchanges and economic cooperation in forestry legislation and enforcement, sustainable forest management, forest monitoring and inventory, conservation, …

Editor’s pickWynn Williams House: A show of cost-effective construction

Wynn Williams House, New Zealand, engineered wood products, NZ Timber Design Awards

Wynn Williams House is a new 6-storey building on the edge of Christchurch’s CBD, showcasing how mid-rise buildings can utilise engineered wood products—which are considered by many to be expensive—to result in very cost-effective construction. Wynn Williams House in Christchurch. Photo Credit: Skycam Ltd. Erection of the …

Sappi North America invests $25m to upgrade wood yard

Sappi North America, wood yard

Sappi North America will move forward with a $25 million capital project to upgrade its Somerset Mill wood yard. The plan includes modernising the wood debarking, chipping and chip distribution systems. This capital investment will improve reliability, reduce white wood losses and costs as well as enhance efficiency gains through the increased …

Australia's largest cross laminated timber project well under way

cross laminated timber, CLT, Australia, timber, largest project, The Gardens, Magnolia, Acacia, Camellia

The first shipment of cross laminated timber - alomst 3,000 m3 of CLT - will arrive in 78 shipping containers from Austria to build what will become Australia's largest tall timber building at Cambelltown, The Gardens. The Gardens is the largest affordable housing project to be delivered without any government funding. It will be the largest CLT …

Stora Enso begins LVL production at Varkaus mill

Stora Enso, Finland, Varkaus Mill, LVL, CLT

Stora Enso's new LVL production line at the Varkaus Mill in Finland is one of the most modern in the world. Premium logs are rotary peeled into 3mm thick veneers and bonded together under heat and pressure. Every sheet of veneer is individually measured in terms of density, moisture content and modulus of elasticity to optimise the product …

U.S. wooden furniture imports rise 13% in May

wooden furniture, U.S., china, timber

U.S. imports of wooden furniture grew 13% month-on-month to US$1.44 billion in May while year-to-date imports rose 5%, according to the ITTO.   As was the case in April, much of this growth was due to rising imports from China ($691.4 million, +25%) and Vietnam ($268.9 million, +33%).   On the other hand, furniture imports from …