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Sydenhams acquires Avon Plywood


Supplier of timber and building materials, Sydenhams Group Limited, established in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom (U.K.) have finalised their acquisition of Avon Plywood, based in Keynsham, Somerset, U.K., for an undisclosed fee. Established in 1983 by Paul Williams, Chris Toogood, and Ken Miller, Avon Plywood provides customers with a broad range …

Editor’s pickNeed fresh air? Plant more trees!

urban trees, cities

The 21st century will be the urban century, as more than two billion additional people arrive in cities globally. As a result of this unprecedented rapid urbanisation, one study forecast that by 2050, fine particulate matter could kill 6.2 million people per year. Another issue is weather-related disasters that are estimated to kill 12,000 people …

Editor’s pickThe future skyline will be one of ‘plyscrapers’

plyscrapers, wooden buildings, tall timber

Enthusiasm for tall timber buildings and wood engineering is spreading all over the world. A new generation of architects and designers are now determined to promote timber as the material of choice for a wide range of innovative and challenging projects. This boom is driven by advanced solutions in materials technology. In particular engineered …

With their high-end products, FraserWood continues to be an innovator in their field


In FraserWood, innovation is key. From left to right: Kane Seward, project manager; Kelly Murray, director of sales and marketing, and Peter Dickson, owner of FraserWood. Photo credit: Canadian Forest Industries From its humble roots as a timber-dryer service provider, timber specialist FraserWood has since grown to include customised planing and …

Wood Window Alliance warns against “timber lookalike” pvc-u windows


UK’s Wood Window Alliance (WWA) is warning consumers and the industry of PVC-u 'timber-lookalike' windows, which “flatter timber windows by mimicking their construction, detailing and finish." "Moreover, many of the claims made for these windows on the Internet and in marketing materials are misleading, although they are presented as …

Editor’s pickArchitects design mini wooden mountains for Chongqing pub


Images: Daipu Architectst The need for mass, fast production to keep up with China’s rapid urbanisation and construction in the past two decades have given birth to a lackluster landscape of gaudy structures, and sometimes shoddy jobs that threaten human health and safety. Daipu Architects seeks to buck this trend, experimenting with more …

Editor’s pickHOMAG: Incoming orders up 33 per cent in 1H/2017


The HOMAG Group saw incoming order increase by 33 percent to EUR734 Mn in the first half of 2017, suggesting strong demand for its products and solutions. By June 30, the order backlog had reached EUR542 Mn (previous year: EUR354 Mn). Sales were also up 13 per cent to EUR597 million. Operating EBITA rose by 47 per cent to EUR46.9 million. The …

Editor’s pickPractice makes perfect pavilions

Practicing, architecture

There are few professions in this world as meaningful as moulding the future of our next generation. In institutes of higher learning, it is critical to impart values that would see young minds becoming stewards of positive social and environmental impact. At the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, students undergo experiential learning …

By investing in automation, Leitz looks to beat the competition


From left to right: Charles Joel and Chris Jones of Leitz Australia, alongside Andrew Ritchie of ANCA with the FX7 Linear machine installed at Leitz Australia Leitz, one of the global leading manufacturers of tools utilised in the industrial processing of solid wood, wood derived materials, and plastic and compound materials. In the Australian …

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