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LIGNA 2019: WOW – Women of Woodworking


Dynamic women in the wood processing and woodworking industry are definitely out there, even if they’re not always visible. Currently the ratio of females involved in the German wood and furniture industry is less than 20%, while in other countries, the figures are only slightly better. We can do more! During the LIGNA trade fair from 27 to …

Biesse Group: technological partner of Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week, furniture

For fans of design, the most important date in the calendar is here – Milan Design Week is set to be held in Milan in April, just like every year, setting the trends and standards for the furniture and design sector on an international level. An entire week during which the Italian capital of design lives and breathes an atmosphere of …

Weather-safe Building Resources from APA – The Engineered Wood Association


Tornado season is back. Although monster storms get a lot of attention, 95 percent of tornados are weaker (EF0-EF2), and homes that are built with wind-resistant construction details can withstand them. Building a more durable structure does not require a lot of expense, but it does require attention to detail. APA has a wide variety of free …

As Mass Timber Takes Off, How Green Is This New Building Material?

mass timber, sustainability,

The eight-story Carbon 12 building in Portland, Oregon is the tallest commercial structure in the United States to be built from something called mass timber. If the many fervent boosters of this new construction material are right, however, it is only one of the first mass timber buildings among many, the beginning of a construction revolution. …

APA Releases 2019 Structural Panel & Engineered Wood Yearbook


The 2019 Structural Panel & Engineered Wood Yearbook has been released by APA – The Engineered Wood Association. The yearbook includes an analysis of the U.S., Canadian and global economies, focusing on factors that impact demand for engineered wood products across several market segments as a basis for forecasting expected production of …

Myanmar: 143K Tons of Trafficked Timber Seized over Three Years

Myanmar, timber

More than 143,000 tons of trafficked hardwood have been seized since the current administration took office three years ago, according to the Burmese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation’s Forest Department. “Thanks to tip-offs from members of the public, we were able to make those seizures,” the …

Western Australia RFA extended for 20 years

Australia, forestry

The Western Australian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) has been extended for another 20 years with an annual sustainable yield of at least 191,000 cubic metres of high-quality jarrah and karri saw logs. The landmark RFA agreement for WA’s $1.4 billion was signed on Friday by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and WA Premier Mark …

Eight new cutting-edge forestry projects in Tasmania

Australia, forestry, research

The Australian Liberal National Government and the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s jointly funded Launceston centre of the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI) will deliver eight new cutting-edge forestry research projects. Federal Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Richard Colbeck said that the …

Swedish Wood appoints new Director

Swedish Wood

April 1 marked the start of Mathias Fridholm’s tenure as Director of Swedish Wood, part of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation. Having previously worked at SCA, Mathias is taking over the leadership of Swedish Wood with the ambition of achieving an even greater breakthrough for architecture and interior design in renewable …

Log Distribution Limited NZ opens to improve log exports

New Zealand, forestry, import & export

Four forestry companies operating in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand have announced the formation of Log Distribution Limited, a joint venture company which commenced operations on 1 April 2019. Log Distribution Limited is a collaboration between FOMS Ltd, Forest Enterprises Growth Ltd, Wairarapa Estate Ltd and Norsewood Estate Ltd which aims …