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Japan's housing starts reflects an expansion of 13.7% in October


In October, Japan's housing starts increased by 13.7 percent to 87,707 units for the fourth consecutive month, as compared to the year before. According to statistics released by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the area for housing starts in October added 9.7 percent on a year-on-year basis to 6.964 million square …

Warmer winters could affect forest growth: LUKE research


The lack of snow cover due to warmer winters could have a major impact on forest ecosystems, stunting forest growth in summer time temperatures, according to researchers at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). The study, led by LUKE scientists Francoise Martz and Pasi Rautio, suggests that of these predicted changes of winter warming, …

China designates a logistics zone for Brazilian timber imports


A cooperation agreement had been signed between China's Dalian Port Group and Brazilian LNG Forestry Group to establish a logistics zone in Changxindao Port, specifically for Brazilian timber imports. The development of a timber logistics industry benefits from favourable conditions and an extensive area of land at Changxindao Port. Currently, …

Australia records one of its "best conditions" in forestry history


Australia’s forestry sector is enjoying some of the best conditions in its history, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). The report, Australian forest and wood products statistics: March and June quarters 2016, showed the industry is enjoying its …

Hardwood shortage in Australia means higher prices for consumers


According to the broadcast television network ABC, there could be a shortage of Australian hardwoods such as spotted gum, Tasmanian oak and ironbark, which will lead to increase prices for consumers. The decline is due to the nationwide reduction of native forests available for harvest over the past two decades, which has reportedly dropped from …

Myanmar's Merchants Federation says it can deliver details of timber origin


The Swedish Forestry Department has issued a statement on the Swedish court decision that resulted in a fine for a Swedish importer for failing to satisfy the due diligence requirement of the EU Timber Regulation in relation to a shipment of Myanmar teak. The Forestry Department has admitted that when shipments comprise timber from multiple …

AfDB approves US$24m to develop Ghana's forestry sector

AfDB, forestry, Ghana, FSC

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved $24 million to boost Ghana’s forestry sector. The funds will be channeled towards restoring degraded forest reserves and expanding an existing FSC-certified forest plantation to nearly 12,000 hectares of sustainable commercial forest plantation. The forestry sector contributes about 4% …

Brazilian wood-based sector has more than enough room for growth: Study

Brazil, ITTO

Brazil is gaining ground as a key supplier of wood products for the international market, despite its economic crisis at home and perennial problems in the world timber market, the 2016 ABIMCI Sectoral Study indicates. There are also further expectations for growth within the country, especially in the residential sector where over 5.8 million …