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Weak demand affects Sarawak export performance

Sarawak, plywood, wood products

In the first quarter of 2016, export performance of Sarawak's wood products declined by around 2% to RM1.62 billion as compared to RM1.65 billion during the same period in 2015. According to the Minister, this was due to a lack in global demand. The decline was most obvious in the main importing countries such as Japan, Taiwan P.o.C, China, …

Myanmar Timber Enterprise sustaining domestic production with sales of log stocks

Myanmar Timber Enterprise, MTE, log stocks, domestic production

According to the ITTO report, Myanmar Timber Enterprise is proposing to sell around 400,000 H.tons of logs during the one-year suspension of log extraction. Of which, 30,000 H.tons of teak and over 300,000 H.tons of other hardwoods will be sold and priced in U.S. dollars while 9,000 H.tons of teak and around 60,000 H.tons of other hardwoods will …

Editor’s pickWorld’s largest freestanding timber frame built with modern woodworking technologies

Noah's Ark, world's largest timber frame, wood-mizer, hundegger

Spanning 155 metres long, 26 metres wide, and 28 metres high, a life-size Noah’s Ark replica is nearing completion in Kentucky. The mammoth Ark Encounter project is being recognised as the world’s largest freestanding timber frame structure, with a total of 7,300m3 of timber used in its construction. A football field and a half long, …

Decline in European sawlog prices


European sawlog prices continued their downwards trajectory over the last year with just a small number of notable and relevant exceptions. Measured at the roadside in U.S. Dollars, Baltic Pine sawlog prices fell as low as USD51/m3 in Norway in the quarter of March 2016, having collapsed 16.1% since March Quarter 2015. This was the …

China and the EU combat illegal logging together

illegal logging, China, European Union, EU-China Bilateral Coordination Mechanism, BCM, Forest Law Enforcement and Governance

Established in 2009, the EU-China Bilateral Coordination Mechanism (BCM) on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance is a forum for policy dialogue as well as a structure to share information on policies and legal frameworks, and to coordinate initiatives to stop illegal logging and associated trade. Under the BCM, China and the EU examine ways to …

EXPOBOIS dates rescheduled to 2018

EXPOBOIS, France, Deutsche Messe, SYMOP

The dates for EXPOBOIS have been rescheduled to March 13 to 16 at the Villepinte exhibition center in Paris, according to the French machinery and manufacturing technology association SYMOP (Syndicat des Machines et Technologies de Production).  SYMOP’s decision was made in light of current turbulences and shifts in …