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Chinese forestry enterprises' investment in overseas investment


The area of overseas forest land rented or purchased by Chinese enterprises amounted to around 61 million hectares and is valued at approximately US$2 billion at the end of 2014. In addition, by the end of 2014, some 167 Chinese enterprises, predominantly from the private sector, participated in overseas forestry projects. The trend in investment …

Editor’s pickAmerican Cherry – A personal view

American Cherry, AHEC, solid wood

By Michael Buckley, MPhil, Fellow of Institute of Wood Science  The hardwood business is like the fashion business. We consume hardwoods for two reasons – performance and personality. 'Seven Days' kitchen unit by Riva Italy We choose hardwoods first because they are fit for many purposes. They perform in strength, durability and …

Myanmar enforces logging ban until March 2017

Myanmar, logging ban, 2017

The new Government of Myanmar has agreed a temporary national logging ban and a 10-year logging ban in the Pegu Yoma region. The national logging ban will run until the end of March 2017, in effect closing the forests for one complete logging season. All exports of round logs from the country have been banned since April 2014. For the duration …

Australia's Big River Group introduces Tasmanian Oak to its prefinished Australian hardwood engineered flooring range

Tasmanian Oak, Australia, hardwood, engineered flooring

Known for its warmth, unique character and stunning beauty, timber is an ideal choice when it comes to flooring options. Important factors such as lifestyle, furnishings, wear, cost and appearance are to be considered when choosing the most suitable type of timber. Offering character and individual richness, Big River, one of New South Wales' …

Decline in tropical imports for the U.S.


The U.S. imported 127,068 m³ of sawn temperate and tropical hardwood in May were up 60% from April. However, the value of these imports increased by just 5% to US$43.9 million, which was mainly due to imports of temperate species. May's tropical sawn hardwood imports grew 5% from April to 19,705 m³, …

China and Russia sign a diverse MOU

china, Russia, MOU

The heads of China’s State Forestry Administration and the Russian Federation Forest Services have signed a memorandum of understanding whereby the two sides will undertake technological exchanges and economic cooperation in forestry legislation and enforcement, sustainable forest management, forest monitoring and inventory, conservation, …

Editor’s pickWynn Williams House: A show of cost-effective construction

Wynn Williams House, New Zealand, engineered wood products, NZ Timber Design Awards

Wynn Williams House is a new 6-storey building on the edge of Christchurch’s CBD, showcasing how mid-rise buildings can utilise engineered wood products—which are considered by many to be expensive—to result in very cost-effective construction. Wynn Williams House in Christchurch. Photo Credit: Skycam Ltd. Erection of the …